February, 2011

  • Mon, 14/02/2011
    Wool-tang Clan

    It took me ages but the cowl-scarf is finally round my neck.

    Now I'm ready (and trained) to start working with these balls of vintage yarn I got at
    the flea market. The wool is from the 80's. Let's hope it won't have to wait another
    20something years to be transformed into something useful.



  • Sun, 13/02/2011
    PRADA SS 2011

    Ok Prada, I got your lesson. If I had been saving money instead of wasting it,
    I would simply break my piggy bank and go buy your whole SS 2011 collection.
    But beeing the way I am, let's just hope I manage to get this dress. 

  • Sat, 12/02/2011
    The Dress

    It's not too visisble in this photo, but you have to trust me, it's beautiful.
    I got it from Surowce Wtorne. Thank you guys once again.


  • Fri, 11/02/2011
    For Your Ears

    PJ Harvey

    recommended by Bartek Chacinski 


    photo by R.J. Shaughnessy

    Aaron Beckum is Miranda July's assistant. He also writes, plays and signs beautiful songs. You can listen to his album and buy it here


  • Wed, 09/02/2011
    Band of Outsiders

    Siska , Bart , Teodor - szerokiej i malowniczej drogi!


  • Tue, 08/02/2011
    PURO Instinct

    Sister Power


  • Mon, 07/02/2011
    Barba di frate

    In Italy there are some vegetables that I have never heard of before. Every Saturday we go to the fruit market round the corner and we try to spot those. Then we need to ask the vendors how to prepare them.
    This vegetable is called Barba di frate. It's hard to clean, but very good to eat.



  • Sun, 06/02/2011
    Lo zaino

    Coming week we are picking up our new bikes.
    Today I got myself a backpack.
    Bacpacks and bikes go together well.


  • Sat, 05/02/2011
    The Puffy Shirt

    In Poland we have Matejko, in Italy Caravaggio and alike, in the States Seinfeld's puffy shirt is what you can see at the National Museum. We like it here, but somehow we envy them.

    photo from Wikipedia


  • Fri, 04/02/2011
    The Lake & Stars

    What a girl wants? The Lake & Stars lingerie.