March, 2011

  • Thu, 31/03/2011
    Quatre Quarts

    3 yolks
    130g sugar
    30g vanilla sugar
    180g all purpose flour
    pinch of salt
    1 tsp baking powder
    180g soften butter
    3 egg's whites
    150° - 50 min

    Add ingredients in order. It's easy, basic and good. I got it from Justyna. She got if from Sigrid.  


  • Sat, 26/03/2011
    Recently (obsessively) Listened Tracks



  • Mon, 21/03/2011
    Hello Spring!



  • Sun, 20/03/2011
    Jak nie Mahomet do gory...

    Dzieki dobrej radzie Wojtka i Kariny, ogladalismy warszawski koncert Bye Bye Bicycle, lezac w lozku na Via Pepe. To nie to samo, co skakanie pod scena, ale zawsze cos.
    Emi, widzielismy Cie. Cyprian, Ciebie tylko slyszelismy.


  • Sun, 13/03/2011
    Summer Camp

    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6), more than one via Miss Moss

    Paulina came. We had a wonderful time. We cooked, we walked, we talked. Talked and talked and talked (while we cooked and walked). Mostly about life, love and Lisa Eldridge. And teenage memories. And summer camps. 

    If you feel like sharing your own teenage summer photo memories, please send them at
    My favourites will be published here and I will get something nice for the authors at Piazzale Cuoco. 


  • Wed, 09/03/2011
    Bye Bye Bicycle

    18 marca w Krakowie, 19 marca w Warszawie.
    Godziny i miejsca sprawdzcie na stronie organizatorow: front row heros
    Zazdroszcze Wam jak diabli i jak cholera.



  • Tue, 08/03/2011
    Carven Fall 2011

    I haven't checked any of the latest fashion shows - so if it wasn't for "so much to tell you" blog, I would have probably missed this aaaaaaawsome CARVEN collection. 
    I have to admit that I'm not up-to-date whith anything right now. The reason is I got obsessed with knitting and can't stop ... knitting. But at least, somehow, I'm picking up  the right colours for the coming season.



  • Mon, 07/03/2011

    I can't wait for the summer evenings when I will be wearing these super soft
    silk scarves on my naked shoulders.


  • Sun, 06/03/2011
    Twin Shadow at OFF Festival 2011!!!!!!!!

    Maybe this news will make your day, as it made mine. See you in Katowice, tak?


  • Sat, 05/03/2011
    Polski Joga

    Artur, Artur zyj sto lat. Bez Ciebie moje barki wygladalyby dzisiaj jak barki Kuby.