April, 2011

  • Sat, 30/04/2011
    And I Tell Them All About You

    This is my new Shu Uemura OR 592. I'm so happy about it that I simply had to share it. It's exactly the shade of orange my lips were looking for this summer. The best thing about it (except for the colour) is that it feels more like a lip balm. It's not sticky, it's transparent (which makes it "day-friendly") and it keeps the lips moist. And still the colour stays for quite long.

    I know that many guys are reading this. Go and get it for you favourite girl. She is going to love you.



  • Mon, 25/04/2011
    Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie

    Have you noticed that dreadful rule that when you cook for yoursef everything turns out so great and tastes delicious and when you have guests over somehow you blow the easiest recipies? Or does it only apply to my cooking?

    Please, try to make this Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie from Sprouted Kitchen and tell me how it comes out. I tried almost evry recipe from that blog - all buonissimo. This one seemed the most promising of them all but it turned out not that buonissimo. I'm getting a feeling that I might have messed something up on the way. Check it out and let me know.  



  • Sat, 23/04/2011

    I have accidently deleted a post from 2008 with this song and couldn't upload it anymore under the same date. As its this blog's "must be", here it goes again. 


  • Fri, 22/04/2011
    W Sopocie jest Brudna Woda

    Nie zaluje przeprowadzki. Sa jednak momenty, kiedy az mnie sciska, zeby byc w Polsce. Przyklad powyzej.
    Kasia Marszewski, trzymanie za Ciebie kciukow przynosi duzo satysfakcji.
    A kto kupil kiedys koszulki KRATA w sklepie Vintage Hunters, jeszcze bedzie bogaty.


  • Thu, 21/04/2011
    miedzy kwiatami



  • Wed, 20/04/2011

    As requested on Facebook, here comes the recipe for one of my favorite Italian dishes. If you serve it once, your guests will be begging you for more. And boyfriends they usually go crazy for it. I don't know.. it's a kind of aphrodisiac for them even if it's heavy and you need at least 2 hours to digest it (please be aware of that before you start making out).

    Ingredients for 2 hungry people or for 4 fussy eaters:

    750 ml of tomatoes passata
    pinch of sugar
    3-4 garlic cloves
    4 tablespoons olive oil
    5 fresh basil leaves, torn

    20 g butter
    4 aubergines, slices
    bunch of fresh basil
    200 g mozzarella cheese, sliced
    2 eggs, lightly beaten
    salt and pepper
    Parmesan - as much as you wish

    There is some work to be done, it won't feel so overwhelming if you split the preparations for 2 days.

    An evening before, you sholud prepare the salsa and cut the aubergines.
    Put the passata into a saucepan and add the sugar, garlic and a pinch of salt. Cover and cook over a veeeery low heat for about 30 min. Then remove the cover and cook for 10 min more over a medium heat. Remove the saucepan from the heat and leave to cool. Stir in the olive oil and basil.

    Place the aubergines slices (about 0,5cm thick) in a colander, sprinkle with salt and leave to drain for at least 2 hours, I prefer to let them drain for the whole night.

    The day of eating:
    Rinse the aubergine slices and pat dry. Now it's your choice if you want to fry them or grill them. Generally, if I fry them and inhale all the smell of the 'fritto/smazocha', I don't want to eat it anymore. So I will suggest you grill it.

    Cut mozzarella into thin slices, grate about 50 gr of parmiggiano, wash basil leaves, and beat up lightly 2 eggs.

    Spoon a little of the tomato sauce into an ovenproof dish and arrange a layer of slightly overlapping aubergine slices on top, sprinkle with a little of the parmesan and 3-4 tablespoons of the beaten eggs on top, cover with slices of the mozzarella, sprinkle with a few basil leaves and about 6 tablespoons of the tomato sauce. All this will constitute one layer. Make 2 layers like this. Then the third one (the top one), without mozzarella and eggs - just slices of aubergine sprinkled with tomato sauce and parmesan. Dot with the butter (or sprinkle with olive oil) and bake for about 40 min at 180 degrees. Leave it to cool a little before serving.

    It's worth it.


  • Tue, 19/04/2011
    Shimmy Shimmy Ya

    that's the kind of mood


  • Mon, 18/04/2011
    Tymek posciel lozko!

    Tymek, you made me want to sleep with all those sporty girls! Jak to zrobic?


  • Sun, 17/04/2011
    The Sound of Silence

    The reason(s) I haven't been blogging unfortunatelly left.


  • Mon, 04/04/2011
    Teengirl Memories

    (fot.1 Paulina Gorzkowska, fot.2 Anna Pomorska, fot.3 Ula Fiedorowicz, fot.4 Basia Nowak, fot.5 Julita Gozdzik, fot.6 Marra Mirra)

    Bardzo dziekuje za podzielenie sie ze mnna wspomnieniami. Wzruszylam sie nie raz, nie dwa. Chcialabym wyslac upominki wszystkim, ale zdjec przyszlo wiecej, niz sie spodziewalam i z oczywistych wzgledow dwuosobowe jury w skladzie ja i Kuba Dabrowski musialo wyroznic tylko kilka osob. Autorow powyzszych zdjec prosze o przeslanie adresow i zagladanie do skrzynek. Dla wszystkich piosenka: