October, 2011

  • Mon, 10/10/2011
    Arts and Crafts

    I wish I could give up the intelectual work and could make a living from knitting, sewing and cooking. Do you think it's possible?
    Anyway these are two things I have made recently.


  • Sun, 09/10/2011
    The Boys of Summer

    What's the story with those MARIOS? I have never told you why I write about them so often.

    First of all, we're friends. Second, I've started collaborating with them this summer. I spent big part of August in their factory assisting them with the new collection. I always wanted to experience this creative process now I had a chance. Thank you guys!

    Below you can see a sneakpeak of the MARIOS SUMMER 12 - NOWHERE collection. Pastel colours, plisse' fabrics, long skirts, open back tops and Kuba's photos from Afghanistan printed on shirts, trousers, t-shirts, skirts and bags.



  • Sat, 08/10/2011
    Tive Razao

    Yesterday, after watching "The Life Acquatic With Steve Zissou" with Kuba and Wojtek, we stumbled upon this video on youtube. Seu Jorge is starring in the movie, Bill Murray and Willem Defoe are appearing in the video, plus the opening scene of "The Life Acquatic..." was filmed in Naples and the location of "Tive Razao" is Italy as well. It looks like they made the video during the lunch break or something. One wonders who was standing behind the camera? Was it Wes Anderson himself? Does anybody know? Google doesn't say a word.


  • Thu, 06/10/2011
    Cyryl Rozwadowski

    The Front Page Model and The Front Row Hero cut his hair short! I don't know this guy personally but I used to see him at every concert I went to in Warsaw. I'm his fan.

    ph. Zuza Krajewska (*I've stolen it from her FB profile so I assume she took it).


  • Thu, 06/10/2011
    No Romantic Holding Hands in Paris

    We were too busy to do that. Kuba was shooting Fashion Week for WWD, I was helping Marios and Leszek at the Marios showroom. Then in the evening all of us were falling asleep on the metro. Super bylo.


  • Wed, 05/10/2011
    Rozwazania Miedzy Nami Glowami

    7 pazdziernika, czyli pojutrze, w Bialymstoku, w Galerii im. Slendzinskich (Legionowa 2) odbedzie sie o 19.00 wernisaz mojej przyjaciolki Ewy Chacianowskiej. Oprocz Alessii nie bedzie nikogo z naszej mediolanskiej paczki. Szkoda bardzo. Moze Wy pojdziecie w naszym imieniu i przybijecie z Ewa piatke? 


  • Tue, 04/10/2011
    Handsome Furs w Cafe Kulturalna

    Hej Warszawiaki! Wiecie co robicie jutro wieczorem?
    To juz wiecie.

    Detale na stronie organizatorow - Front Row Heroes.



  • Mon, 03/10/2011
    Black-haired Chloe Sevigny

    at the Kenzo SS12 show.
    Photo by Kuba Dabrowski for WWD